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We are a partnership team of various experts; all having a strong interest in sustainable living. All of us admit that the various governments (Federal, state/commonwealth, and local) within the jurisdictional borders of the United States of America have exceeded the limitations placed upon them to the deprivation of the enjoyment of our personal property. Furthermore, they also interfere with our right to engage in interstate and international commerce. They have frequently breached their fiduciary responsibilities and in so doing have endangered our basic welfare, health, and prosperity.

We desire to live elsewhere in this world, yet most want to maintain ties, in some form, with people and places within the U.S. We are not revolutionaries, per se, as we would be considered to be separatists. As tragic as it is, we would look to maintain friendly relations with the U.S. and its various governments with a hope that those who remain in this nation will become alert and demand change.

Barring these admissions, we teach essential living techniques that do not depend on fossil fuel and all of its ripple effects. We are not Luddites and we certainly enjoy technology. Still, having studied realities that are in denial and/or ignorant to the masses of the American populace we prepare for a time when the abysmal energy policy and sources and grid collapse due to sufficient lack of supply. Should this course continue and the collapse comes to pass then most assuredly a great chaos will ensue.

One does not have to be wealthy to take simple steps to protect him/her self and loved ones; just be willing to learn and act.