Low-tech basics is your window into how peoples, who live in developing nations, would survive and thrive, if they believed in themselves and did not cave into cultural practices and habits, groupthink, and intrusion by outsiders, who, deliberately or unwittingly, try to run their lives. One cannot truly influence an individual, in a developing nation, unless one is willing to eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, and get around as they do. If you do it with warmth and kindness, they will open their hearts to you and unroll a crimson carpet of brotherhood and adopt you into their lives.

In many places of the world, power equipment, machinery, and most technologies simply are not practical and definitely not sustainable. So in the U.S., if one could not afford gasoline and/or diesel or was cut off from supply and lacked the skill necessary to repair machinery and/or did not have access to replacement parts and the like, how would such a one provide for his/her household? This site will expose you to that world.